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Picture influence on an audience

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Choosing the correct image to support a logo is vitally important.  Using the wrong image may appeal to the wrong market as the image backs up the logo or message of the slogan.

If you look below, the word ‘pulse’ can be applied to broad range of markets. When pictured with a heart behind the word ‘pulse’ it could make the reader perceive that the business is maybe involved with private healthcare whereas, if you place an image of someone running, it could indicate the business specialises in some form of fitness or exercise.

Picture of pulse with a heart behind it, compared to pulse with someone running with pulse on it

Images also have to be used correctly throughout a brochure or publication to convey the correct image or message. For example, to attract a young audience, bright, colourful images are used that relate to them. This can be seen in our work for Buxton Opera House.

Theatre brochures are no exception and need to attract attention according to a show’s target audience. Here at Square One Creative we understand this and use imagery to target different markets – our main aim is to communicate a message within 30 seconds of a customer glancing at the picture. The more relevant the picture is to the customer, the higher the likelihood that will attend or make a purchase.

If you need to attract a certain audience or want to attract specific people, Square One Creative can help make this happen.

If you need any help with your design please call Maggie on 01332 0417964

Square1Picture influence on an audience

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