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How to choose a graphic designer to work with – and making the switch

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Choosing the right Graphic Designer to work with on your next project is so important, the obvious does go without saying, but I will say it anyway. You need to like them, design is a journey and your need to like your travel companion and of course be able to work with them, you must meet them, visit their studio, and know the team.

Find out what experience they have as experience is very important. A good designer can only survive is they are providing an excellent service. Checking how long they have been doing this for is equally important.

Have a look at the work they have produced this should be displayed with pride on their websites, look at the creativity in their work, attention to detail and continuity, if they have done several projects with a client this shows consistency and the fact that the client has confidence and enjoys working with them.

Testimonials are a good indication too never be afraid to ask for references on your designer we are always happy to put potential clients in touch with existing clients.


And importantly can you afford to work with them? Ask them to quote but be very careful on this one. Some designers do go in with a cheap price to win the project but then when the client (you) makes changes you get stung. I know we always quote a cost per project and stick to it. Obviously every rule has an exception, and if you change the brief or re write the copy so it has to be completely re done we will quote for this extra work, but on many small amendments we do not charge.

Making the switch is not as difficult as you think, I am sure most of you will have your logo, copies either electronically or printed that you have previously had produced and your new chosen designer can simply take it from there.

Square1How to choose a graphic designer to work with – and making the switch

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